Dealing With Negative Entities

So, still working on a few requests I had, and this is the last one (sorry for taking so long, it’s been an excessively exciting month).  Anyway, I want to include the entire ask itself because it’s a good question:

“This will sound weird: What would a Kemeticist do for things like dealing with negative spirits? From cleansing a house to even something like an exorcism.”

From what I was able to find, in antiquity, they mostly seemed to depend on the gods for this sort of thing.  They would use protective amulets in the form of certain gods, or they might carry a small written spell of protection.  If you’ve seen the apotropaic wands/magic knives (I’ve seen them called both, they are usually curved pieces of ivory with drawings/carvings), those were also used for protective purposes, although we’re not really sure how they were used.  The most common gods called upon for this sort of work were Tawaret and Bes, although Tutu, Shed, Anubis and Set could also be called upon for protective purposes.  Basically, the idea was to call upon entities more powerful and frightening than whatever was attacking you.  It’s also worth noting that in ancient Egypt, negative entities (the word used in most historical texts is demons) could include all sorts of things, from spirits, to even pissed off gods.

Fast forwarding to modern day, most kemetics will probably use a mix of calling on the gods and various new age methods to deal with negative entities.  Exactly what they might do would depend on the outside traditions that have influenced their practice, but I would expect burning sage or other aromatic herbs to be a common addition.  Personally, my own approach will depend on exactly what’s going on and how powerful the entity is.  For relatively minor things, I would just tell it to GTFO.  For bigger things, I might burn sage or incense throughout the house and call upon the gods for protection and to cleanse things.  I might also sprinkle natron water throughout the house as a part of that.  For more portable and discreet protections, an eye of horus amulet could be handy, or other jewelry with  protective symbols (I have a small bracelet with an ankh and an anubis charm that I wear to invoke protection from Anpu himself).  Generally speaking though, you can’t go wrong with calling upon the gods if you’ve got a negative entity problem.  It’s simple, but surprisingly effective in pretty much all religious traditions.


My research came entirely from Geraldine Pinch’s Magic in Ancient Egypt, which is a fantastic read, very educational.

Rethinking Ghosts in World Religions edited by Mu-Chou Poo looks like it has an interesting section on the subject as well, although I haven’t read it yet.






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